"All I need in this life of sin is me and my Stelé/ OTO to the very end it’s me and my Stelé…" Haha XD packing last hits before I head back to halls. (I know, I fucked up these lyrics too, leh). #steleofrevealing #thelema #thelemite #student #japamala #mala #altspirituality #spiritual #magick #occult #truth #universe #pagan #altpagan #liberalvellegis

Vajrayogini Mandala with the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum

Vajrayogini (Naropa Tradition)Sakya Lineage1700 - 1799Tibet


The family album
theblackrainbow23 asked:
Hey your that British lady from YouTube ain't ya?

Yes, that’s me. I weirdly keep my blogs on the down low. I’m just your average seeker who openly shares her mistakes and growth. Being human FTW!
Do you vlog too?

theblackrainbow23 asked:
Cool Altar btw

Thanks :) that’s just travel set up whilst I am reading a literature degree. What’s your altar like?

theblackrainbow23 asked:
Robert A Wilson has an interesting take on this btw, that the heads represent 8 circut model of consciousness (see Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson). Also what is your take on the book of Babalon channeled by Jack Parsons?

I’m still looking into both folks, purely out of interest, and it seems to be the popular thing to do. It’s asking a while though :) my heart isn’t there yet.

Thanks for the recommendations!

theblackrainbow23 asked:
Hey,just so you know,in your first essay in WordPress, you state that the beast has 3 heads. Actually there are 7 heads. Revelations chapter 12 or13

I have been terribly lazy the past few weeks due to saving up to head back to university. I have yet to change it. I realised after I uploaded it and shut my laptop :/

I’ll change it properly later on, thanks :D